Saturday, 11 June 2011

Mikish musings on May

To say I was disappointed with the election results is an understatement, I was gutted. While I am glad to remain a Malton Town Councillor, I was so very sad to see good Liberal Democrat Councillors loose our seats. With the majority of Tory Councillors on Ryedale District Council who have hardly spoken other than moving an item or seconding a vote. I applaud the work of engaged Councillors who work for the people but I question how effective a Councillor is who expresses no opinions and never speaks on matters and whose only contributions are presence and voting at the appropriate time, although the frustration of seeing grown adults asking others which way they are supposed to be voting suggests to me that perhaps they see the role as more ceremonial than representative? Is this a new political ideology, as it has appeared to me that to turn up and provide an on demand vote and keep seats filled lacks the spirit of the role even if the outwards functions of the role are seen to be done.

The pro AV referendum campaign was not effectual enough indeed Reform Cat I believe achieved more in conveying the message than the official campaign had done. The new fight is for Lords Reform, although upon reflection it feels we have had more effective opposition from the Lords than from the Commons official opposition previously the Tories and now Labour under the less popular Miliband brother. I think he is a minibrand compared to his brother and it was interesting to note the direction the more popular Milibrand would have taken Labour. Criticism of  Ed Balls from his opponents seems to have dove tailed with taking a political kicking from Labour. Maybe Ed Balls stood up to the other Ed, if so it is just like the trouble Chris Huhne has had which was unleashed just after his clash with David Cameron. Challenging a party leader appears to me to have consequents.

Oxfam are offering a great opportunity...

Feminism: I thought this was also about the Labour leadership an Anti Abbott site on Facebook, keep Calm Abbott is not PM, although in this case it was to do with colonial politics... I also saw on Lamebook this which made me sigh, feminist may regret looking. Of note is Sarah Palin's emails 24,000 pages released under Freedom of Information request, personally I think that is more information than I need.

RIP Roy Skelton, now voiceless Daleks, George and to somewhat relief Zippy, one hopes up above the streets and houses...