Monday, 10 January 2011

First post

My ambition is to maximise the use of available resources to build social capital through quality sustainable enterprises that help those involved, generates good will and helps people live life to the full by enjoying the products and services provided.

Simply to help people, with what works and will work into the future efficiently as practicable.

I would recommend that you dear reader become a community activist with some experience making things happen as a Councillor and helping people as a CAB manager. I know we need more people making things happen for good.

In this season the Big Society is in and I want to make it our big society which is pretty much what a lot of us have been doing for years for example by starting a Credit Union, standing for public office or volunteering to help.

Complaining is easy, finding ideas to make things better is improvement and best of all is making the effort to make things better!

Do you have ideas to improve things do let me know!

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