Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sudan concerns rise of troubles ahead

BBC News reports the referendum on the South has gone in favour of independence which is not a surprise, over 99% shows that this was never much of a question.

Whether Abyei gets a vote to go with the North or South. The oil rich territory remains a rich and coveted resource, a flashpoint as the interested parties may push with force to claim the oil.
I am glad the South has had the chance to speak. More freedom to Africa is good providing they also have the autonomy to choose their own destiny. If destiny is imposed by others then this isn't freedom...
With protests in Khartoum following the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, it seems an uncertain time in North Sudan although this is not a country renowned for eschewing violence, I fear for the stability in the North.
I remain deeply concerned and I worry that the prize of peace may yet be devoured by the jaws of civil war. I hope the 9th July will bring the birth of the latest Country 'South Sudan' into a joyous period of prosperity and mutual support with its neighbours. However I fear that natural resource disputes fuelled by greed may undermine such hopes, I so hope I am wrong!

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