Saturday, 15 January 2011

In the settling dust of a frantic week

Live coverage of the unrest in Tunisia I hope stability will come I fear destability may not leave like the President...

Liberal Democrat vote goes up in Oldham at the by election, a good performance by Elwyn Watkins who after taking on Woolas for dishonourable behaviour is well positioned for the next general election,  and with two more byelections on the way Barnsley Central  and Leicester

When the dust settles and we move forward, with Inflation on the rise and an economic translation from the public to private sector with what I hope is not just lip service to the community sector of Big Society. Volunteers and Voluntary organisations are not free and reducing the budgets will have an impact, can innovation and efficiencies improve our economy and can we grow enough to avoid a double dip recession or the Japanese flatlining of the economy. I hope we avoid cities in the dust  and not scare the horses too much!

Personal branding and centralising ones on line profile through Google seems to be what is happening in the murky world of Search Engine Optimisation. I have had a go at putting my profile together on Google to help connect everything and organise it better  I have also found Friend feed useful for combining posts and informing people of my cyber activity which includes blogging regarding issues I encounter when serving as a Councillor.

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