Monday, 24 January 2011

Social Housing, we need to build the yellow brick road to somewhere brighter and better!

I enjoyed reading Kathleen Kelly's Blog 'social housing reform road nowhere'

Kathleen is employed as Joseph Rowntree Foundation's Policy & Research Manager. The article is a worthy read and does pose questions regarding the current direction of coalition housing policy.

I disagree with the Coalitions current policy initiative promoting flexible tenancies as I do not think they are the answer for social housing. If indeed they are the answer, then I seriously dislike the question. I agree with the summation in the last sentence of Kathleen's blog stability is key in housing to give people a foundation to build there lives on. I also like her analogy of aspiration that social housing can be the spring board to opportunity. I think localism can and should be the answer especially after so long of central planning from Whitehall which has only increased since the 80s.

Without going back to the tower blocks we need to rethink the way we do social housing. I think we need to look at what has worked in the past specifically I champion housing cooperatives. I also think promotion of mutuality in housing associations would be good. There is a clear need to develop cohesive housing development and social housing must be prioritised to help people stabilise their lives, it is the responsibility of those in leadership to implement such a strategy. Individuals need stability before they can contribute to build the much vaunted Big Society. Enabling citizens to enjoy suitable stable long term shelter can not be beyond our collective wit!

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