Thursday, 20 January 2011

crossroads... prioritising the way ahead

With the dust now settled and the way ahead clear all sorts of exciting possibilities for me exists. I quest forward to manifest my own adventure with my family and friends beside me into tomorrows dawn together. It is exciting and full of potential...but what happens next? as they say in the movies * To be continues * (or in other words not sure yet). Open to invitations:

It has been lovely receiving so many good wishes from those I have worked with in so many different ways. As I reflect on my achievements of the last three years, as the Executive Director having increased turnover from 120k to 300k+ in 3years, increasing membership from 20 to 160+, volunteers from less than 50 to over 150 and increasing impact of the charity by maximising outputs of volunteer hours delivering a quality service for vulnerable local people. Leading the charity into a merger with Our Celebration to produce a new combined charity with a projected turnover well in excess of 1/2 million for 2011-12.

In June 2010 York and District Mind was rated by the Social Return On Investment network for the RBS SE100 index ranking the social enterprise as 69th in the UK overall and 35th in terms of impact. In Yorkshire and Humber we are 6th overall and 3rd in terms of impact.

Having had a portfolio career to date building a wide skill base and with a desire to achieve more for people in whatever role or position I translate through or end up in during 2011.

I am learning a lot as I study for Chartered Director status with the Institute of Directors and have received a lot of support and guidance from those around me which is much appreciated.

On with the adventure!

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